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Tell us more about your challenge

What challenge would you like to solve related to the energy crisis?

Benefits for Companies

benefit from a fresh look and a new approach

get to know Design-Thinking and find out if this way of working is also interesting for your company in the future

Students can get to know your company better

show social commitment

as a partner company you will be presented on all our social media channels

The Right Challenge

Each Challenge begins with the words, "How might we ..." and follows the following pattern:

How might we

Target group


usercentered problem

so that

resulting added value

The important thing in a How might We question (HMW) is that the target group is described precisely and that the problem, as well as the resulting added value, concerns the user.

HMW questions are a recognized method and help to have a focused goal during the work process. The hike team will be happy to advise and support you in formulating a HMW question.


Still questions? Then maybe we have the right answers here ... If not, you can also contact us here without obligation

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