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Business Model & Pitch

You have now already gone through a several phases of the HIKE process. The goal was to develop a lean solution step by step with the involvement of potential customers that meets market demand.

However, to be successful as a startup, it is not only important to have a solution that the customer wants. It is important to create a business model that leads to profitable and sustainable success.

In addition to a successful business model, you also have to be able to sell your idea well. Especially as a startup it is important to win external partners at the beginning to get support, which helps you on your way to a successful company. For this reason, you will learn here how to create a pitch deck and how to pitch it convincingly.


Business Model 


A business model shows holistically how your business should function. It consists of various components. You have already worked out many components regarding the customers and your solution during the incubation process.

It is also important to look at the financial aspects such as costs and revenues and to include external factors such as partnerships. All in all, a successful business model should be created, which can be successful in the long run. To learn more just click on the following buttons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HIKE.


Business Plan / EXIST 

In addition to the business model, which is visualized and continuously developed, startups often need a business plan. The business plan includes the business model of the start-up and shows what is planned or what is to be achieved in the future .


For example, investors or banks would like to see a business plan in advance in order to evaluate the startup themselves and then decide whether and in what amount an investment/loan makes sense.

But not only banks and investors need a business plan, also for EXIST - the founder scholarship, you need application documents that resemble a business plan.  

You can find out more about the business plan and the EXIST start-up grant by clicking on the button.


Pitch (deck) 


To convince investors and potential partners of your solution or startup, you have to pitch your startup in a given time. A pitch should introduce the business model and you as founders. The pitch should arouse interest in order to be able

to conduct more in-depth discussions at a later point in time. You can learn more about the contents and tips for pitching by clicking on the button.

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