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Realize your Ideas in 3 Months


You want to realise an idea? Whether a physical model, digital prototype, classic product or service idea.

What you can expect

Here you will find a small selection of the support and benefits that awaits you in the Prototyping Challenge.


Coachings by the hike Team,

that, supports you in the implementation and assists you in word and deed.


Secured position at hike workshops that fit your theme


Exchange and Pitch Events with the other Start-Up Teams,

and our mentor network partners. Here you can get valuable feedback from experts, make business contacts and get to know the other hike start-ups.


Budget of up to 1500 Euro

non-cash expenses for e.g. training, website, material, software, trade fair admissions, etc.


Technical Equipment

Access to e.g. 3D printer, laser engraver, camera, etc. with which you can realise your idea.



At the end of the programme, you will also receive a certificate confirming the qualifications you have acquired.


Set your goals and

The Prototyping Challenge gives you the chance to implement and test your idea.
Before we start we set a goal and what you want to achieve with it.

Here is an example

  1. You want to develop an app that recommends the best ice cream parlours.

  2. Then we work out your goals together. How far do you want to develop the product? If you are more concerned with technical feasibility, you want to conduct user tests and determine functions and design. You determine the scope.

  3. After we have roughly set the goals, you can work on your implementation. We support you with questions and give you a methodical framework that will bring you to your goal.

We support you

Our interdisciplinary core team supports you in the realisation of your project and is available to you in weekly meetings with advice and support.


Jonas Mielke


"For technical questions on feasibility and prototyping, I am your contact person."


Christian Zoll

Venture Developer

"I support you methodically and work out goals and a timetable with you."


Thomas Herwig

Lab Operations Manager

"I can support you in networking and give you tips on motivation and work structure.


Nina Eberhard


"I support you with questions around design, usability and marketing."

Who can take part and how?

The Prototyping Challenge is primarily aimed at students and staff of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

To participate, you need an idea. We also recommend ...


  • One meeting per week to reflect on your progress and discuss next steps.

  • a total weekly time investment of approximately 5 hours.

Tell us about your Project

Book a 30-minute appointment to tell us more about your idea and your motivation.

We will also tell you more about hike, our support options, possible next steps and of course answer your questions.

Where should the appointment take place?

Thank you very much!
We will contact you shortly to confirm the date.

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