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Ready to innovate?

Do you want to help shape the world of tomorrow? Big challenges don't scare you? Or do you want to learn Design Thinking in a practical way?
Then the HIKEathon is just right for you!
This format gives you the opportunity to submit social challenges and problems and/or work in teams to solve them.

And the best thing about it: anyone can join in!




The HIKEathon is an interactive and productive event and lasts approx. 1-2 days. The format is accompanied and organised by coaching from the hike team and many exciting Design Thinking Methods.

Participants each solve a previously defined challenge. This takes place in interdisciplinary teams, which we put together from all participants.

But what exactly are challenges? Here too, everyone can get involved. From climate change to the shortage of skilled workers. As a Challenger, you have the opportunity to place topics that are close to you or your company's heart.

By the way, there is nothing to stop you from being a challenger and a participant at the same time.


The highlights of the HIKEathon in retrospect.

How can you participate in the HIKEathon?



You have a challenge or a problem that affects society or your company? You can submit a challenge as a student, as a university staff member or as an external participant. After the challenges have been analysed and selected by our teams, they will be solved by the participants at our next HIKEathon.

Solution Finder

Solution Finders solve the challenge. These are interdisciplinary teams consisting of students and/or university staff. Company employees can also be part of a team. To become a Solution Finder, you can either apply directly for a Challenge or register here on our list.


Experts can contribute their specialised knowledge and experience in certain areas to help the teams solve problems or improve, concretise and implement ideas. Experts can also act as jury members and judge the teams to choose the winner of the HIKEathon. Would you like to sign up as an expert? Then contact us directly:

and what makes hike?

The hike team organises the HIKEathon. This means we receive all challenge and theme requests, communicate the event, acquire corporate partners and participants and organise and coach through the event itself.


From complex problems to innovative solutions.

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​1. Basecamp Here, the HIKEeathon is prepared by the hike team. We collect challenges, solution finder teams, acquire partner companies and take care of organisation and marketing.

2. Keynote In the keynote, the Solution Finders receive all the necessary information on the HIKEathon topic. This way, all team members are on the same level of knowledge and can better contribute their strengths during the challenge.

3. Problem analysis After the input, we go deeper into the understanding of the problem together in teams. Team members exchange ideas and get to the bottom of the problems together.

4. Ideation In the solution part, not just one idea is developed but a variety. Through methods we identify a favourite, which is then further elaborated.

5. Prototyping Ideas are implemented. With quick prototypes we get going and work out the idea more concretely.

6. Testing In this phase we test the idea directly on users. In this way, we learn whether we are on the right track and gain insights and approaches on how we can continue to work on the project.

7. Pitch Here, each team presents its result and the insights gained.

8. Jury evaluation The day concludes with feedback from the jury and participants. Participants will also receive a certificate and a badge.


Opinions & Experiences


The HIKEathon brings many added values.
Here are a few examples:


Continuing Education 
You will actively learn and experience design thinking at the HIKEathon.

Strengthen teamwork skills
You will work with new people from different fields.

Experience self-efficacy
You will experience how much you can achieve in a short time.

New working methods
We will show you many methods that you can use in your studies and job after the HIKEathon.

Get to know new perspectives and people
Through active teamwork during the HIKEathon, you come into contact with many people, can network more easily and get to know new perspectives.

Increase career opportunities
Participants* receive a certificate and badge.

We actively market our HIKEathon in the press and social media channels. Corporate partners are always mentioned.

Interested in the HIKEathon?
Then why not take part in the next one right away!

Use our form and show your interest in participating, submit a challenge or express your interest in a specific topic. We will keep you informed.

Hikeathon For

The HIKEathon is a format that brings university and business together! We are always happy to hear from companies that are interested in participating in the HIKEathon. Whether as a training format for employees or as an entrant in a free or company-related challenge.

Just contact us directly and we will be happy to show you what opportunities the HIKEathon offers your company without obligation.

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Hello! My name is Thomas Herwig and I organise the HIKEathon. I am happy to answer questions about the format and cooperation opportunities.



These companies have already worked with us.

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