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Whether it's a shortage of skilled workers, succession, sustainability or digital transformation ...

Tell us more about the challenges you or your company are facing.


Submitting a Challenge allows you to actively participate in the change and development of your region. You have the opportunity to point out problems and challenges that you perceive in North Thuringia from your personal perspective.


This helps ensure that real community concerns are included in the Hikeathon X Smart Region agenda.


Your submission has the potential to bring focus to important issues and attract the attention of experts and decision makers.


This can lead to concrete actions that will help improve the quality of life and create a sustainable Smart Region.

In addition, you can take pride in having contributed to positive change in your home region and be an active member of the community.

The correct challenge

Each Challenge begins with the words, "How mightwe ..." and follows the following pattern:

How Might we



usercentric problem

so that

created value

What is important in a How Might We (HMW) question is that the target group is described precisely and the problem is one that concerns the user, as well as the added value that results from it. HMW-questions are a recognized method and help to have a focused goal during the work process. The hike team will be happy to advise and support you in formulating a HMWquestion.


Still questions? Then maybe we have the right answers here ... If not, you can also contact us here without obligation

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