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Build up your idea

Don't worry about the demand and willingness to pay you don't have to develop a prototype or even a finished solution to validate it.

- The motto is:

"Fake it, till you make it!"


On the one hand, potential customers should get the impression that you already exist on the market with your solution. On the other hand, your solution should be visualized realistically for the customer in order to get helpful feedback and, optimally, commitment for further support.

This approach is implemented with a so-called smoke test.

A smoke test can be implemented in different ways, but the basis is usually a landing page, i.e. a website that presents your startup or solution as if it were already available.
The landing page can be wonderfully supplemented with other elements.

How can you start now?

We recommend that all HIKE teams create a landing page. On the one hand, it serves as a basis for carrying out the Smoke Test, and on the other hand, it provides potential customers and partners with a direct point of contact where they can find out about you and your solution.

For the creation of a landing page we have summarized several hints, tips and examples. So nothing stands in the way of your first own landing page.


Learn more about the content and structure of a landing page and how you can develop one yourself quickly and easily for your idea.


In addition to the content design  you can find further support for the  design and elements of a landing page.

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