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Customer-Problem-FIT & Market Attractiveness

Welcome to the first phase of the HIKE incubation program! :-)

As you could already see on the previous page, the goal is to get to know the target group and their problems better. Furthermore, the attractiveness of the market should be investigated.

You may wonder why you should investigate these aspects now, since you have already collected them for your application. This is a fair question and can be answered as follows. In the HIKE incubation program, we follow an iterative and agile process that tries to avoid high risks and costs in an uncertain startup world to ultimately develop a marketable solution.

Depending on how thoroughly you have researched your customers and the market before applying, it is possible to shorten the phase.  

However, if you work on this phase only superficially, this can lead in the worst case to you spending a lot of time and work on your solution in the subsequent steps, which does not address any problem or target group and will therefore not be successful.

The HIKE is of course available for questions and comments and supports you in finding out where you stand and which steps are necessary now.




In the Customer-Problem-FIT, you start by defining your target group again in detail, i.e. the potential customers, and then check whether they actually have a problem that is worth solving.


A detailed introduction including methods can be found by clicking on the buttons.


Market Attractiveness


In addition to the customers, it is also important to examine the market for its attractiveness. An attractive market exists when there is growth, there is little intense competition and the barriers to entry for the startup are low

If you are located in such an environment, you have a good chance to establish your solution/startup in the market and to be successful.

A detailed introduction including methods can be found by clicking on the buttons.

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