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Hikeathon in 2,5 minutes

You want to know which challenges are available at the HIKEathon X Energy Crisis?

You can find more information about the workshop schedule here.

The Jury has voted!

These are
the Challenges!

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What is The Hikeathon

Solving big problems in short time

The Hikeathon is a makeathon, lasts 2 days and takes place in person. In this format, participants from different disciplines come together and solve a predefined challenge.

The combination of interdisciplinary teams and time-efficient work is fun and extremely effective.

Students, university staff, companies and employees can take part.

The whole thing is accompanied by the Hike Team, which supports the implementation with design thinking, coaching and methods.

You can read about the exact schedule here.

Hikeathon x Energy Crisis

That's what the Hikeathon is all about this winter.

Up-to-date and relevant With the Hikeathon, we want to offer a format that deals with current topics that are of interest to a large part of the population and also fit in with the study programmes offered by Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

The topic of the energy crisis meets exactly these acceptance criteria. Because here we have a challenge that affects many areas of life and structures.

The topic concerns companies and consumers, tenants and landlords, public institutions and private households, rich and poor.

Be an active Solution Finder on 09.-10.12.
Social challenges need social solutions. Your background and perspective are in demand and enrich the interdisciplinary teamwork.


Become a
Solution Finder

Want to bring your perspective to the Hikeathon on 9-10.12.22?
Here you can learn about design thinking, improve your team skills, experience new people and perspectives, make the world a better place and even boost your CV with a coveted certificate and badge.

Our list of participants is currently full!
However, you are welcome to join our
We will contact you as soon as a place is free.

You still have questions about participation?
Maybe we have the right answer here ...

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Werde Solutin Finder


What others say about the HIKEathon

"... I was thrilled with everything that happened that day."

Jana Zöller, Managing DirectorEVN


This is how a HIKEathon goes!

Ablauf Hikeathon
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1. Basecamp This is where the Hikeathon is prepared by the Hike Team. We will collect challenges and publish them on this page on 20 October.
As Solution Finder you register here. We will put together teams of about 4-5 people from all the registrations.

2. Keynote Every HIKEathon starts with a challenge presentation by the hike team. In this keynote the Solution Finders will get all the necessary information about the Challenge. This way, all team members are on the same level of knowledge and can better contribute their strengths during the Challenge.

3. Problem Analysis After the input, we deepen the understanding of the problem together in teams. Team members exchange ideas and get to the bottom of the problems together.

4. Ideation In the solution part, not just one idea is developed, but a variety. Through methods we identify a favourite, which is then further elaborated.

5. Prototyping Ideas should be implemented. With quick prototypes we get going and work out the idea more concretely.

6. Testing In this phase we test the idea directly on users. This tells us whether we are on the right track and gives us insights into how we can continue to work on the project.

7. Pitch When preparing the pitch, the developed solutions are creatively prepared and staged so that they trigger enthusiasm. Creative presentation techniques are desirable!

8. Jury Evaluation The day concludes with feedback from the jury and participants. Participants will also receive a certificate and a badge.


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