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Prototyp Designer

Dear HIKE teams,
glad you landed on our online platform and congratulations again for joining the incubation program. 

Our program is available to you here as an online course,
We offer you introductions to the phases, the objectives per phase and appropriate methods to achieve them.  In addition, we provide information and material on organizational matters.
So you can advance your idea independently, flexibly and individually!
We, the HIKE team, are available to you during the regular meetings both as contact persons for questions and as coaches who want to get the maximum out of you.

Have fun!


In the previous phase, you iteratively developed a solution concept through smoke testing and further interviews that attracts the interest of potential customers and is actually in demand. This has already significantly reduced the risk of an unsuccessful solution.


Now it's time to implement your solution. Of course, this process will again be iterative and will involve feedback loops with potential customers. You will develop prototypes and approach the final product step by step.


What exactly is prototyping?

In prototyping, you try to turn your solution concept, which was initially only written down or recorded in your head, into reality step by step. On the way to the solution, different types of prototypes are used depending on the progress.


The goal is always to get new feedback to drive the solution development. For example, the wireframes were a prototype for the landing page development.

You can learn more about the types of prototyping, the exact goals and how to get started by clicking on the buttons. If you also have questions, for example which type of prototype makes the most sense for you, or if you need suitable materials or software for implementation, just come to HIKE. We will be happy to help you.

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